Automatic Entrance Doors


Know your requirements?

You’ve likely encountered automatic doors in various public spaces like schools, shops, banks, leisure facilities, warehouses, hospitals, and hotels worldwide. These doors have gained popularity for their convenience, particularly benefiting individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and parents with prams. Moreover, in busy areas, automatic doors can significantly improve traffic flow in and out of your building.

In line with the 2004 Disability Discrimination Act, which mandates the removal of barriers hindering disabled individuals from accessing public places, installing automatic swing and sliding doors can not only enhance your property but also ensure compliance with disabled legislation.

We specialise in providing cutting-edge automatic door systems with a range of features and benefits. Our offerings include silent-moving automatic doors that blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of your premises. Many of our systems incorporate self-diagnostic programs, constantly monitoring and adjusting door parameters as needed. With this intelligent system in place, maintenance requirements are minimal once the doors are installed. Our extensive selection of automatic door systems encompasses automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, manual swing doors, bi-folding doors, low-energy automatic doors, and single, double, or leaf doors. Virtually any doorway can be transformed into an automatic door system of some kind.

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