Crash/Batter Through Doors


Know your requirements?

Since the first crash doors and batter doors came off the Speedflex production line in 1999, Speedflex has continued to develop new and innovative traffic door solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

In addition to manufacturing made to measure swing doors and batter through doors, Speedflex are also recognised as a premium door solutions company. Our commitment to provide our clients with real world solutions has established Speedflex as one of the most recognised and trusted door manufacturers in our industry. Providing solutions for industries such as retail, warehouse, transport, commercial, industrial, food, hygiene and leisure ensures we have a solution for your application.

Using the latest manufacturing techniques, industry leading software and qualified engineering team, Speedflex are able to provide a fully supported design and manufacture service tailored to our clients individual applications. We understand that each application is different and are dedicated in providing real world solutions to all of our clients to ensure that each product provides the very best performance and reliability.

We work closely with Architects and clients to ensure we provide a complete package and ultimately deliver a practical workable solution for all applications.

crash through door